Weekly Class & Practice Schedule

Fall Class Schedule

Learn to Meditate!
Tuesdays 6 – 7pm, beginning October 9, Bassett Hospital chapel

You’ve heard about meditation—from newspaper articles, a podcast, a recommendation from a cardiologist or basketball coach, or from your crazy uncle who’s been doing it for years—but is it for you?  Find out at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Meditation Center’s introductory class Tuesday evenings beginning October 9.

The course will be taught by Matthew Zalichin, or meditation instructor and teacher in residence who has been teaching meditation for over 35 years, and will use the best-selling book Joy of Livingas a text.

The Jewel Ornament of Liberation
Thursdays 6 – 7:30pm at Gomde, 412 Glimmerglen Rd. Cooperstown

Buddhist practitioners have been guided by Gampopa’s classic text for a thousand years.  Rangjung Yeshe Gomde’s spiritual director Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche, is teaching this text in detail, bringing it alive for our modern times.  This class is based on videos of Rinpoche’s teachings, and is facilitated by Matthew Zalichin.

Sadness, Love, Openness: The Buddhist Path of Joy
Fridays & Sundays, 11am – 12:30pm, Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, 412 Glimmerglen Rd. Cooperstown

This new little book is the most accessible of the many by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, one of the most widely loved and respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time. Straightforwardly and without jargon, it shows how we can incorporate our own daily experiences into our spiritual path and awaken to how things truly are, yet is unabashedly traditional at the same time. 

This class will be taught by Matthew Zalichin and Michael Friedman, both senior students of Rinpoche’s, with Matthew primarily teaching on Fridays and Michael primarily on Sundays.