Previous Events at Gomde Cooperstown

Here is an archived list of previous events held at Gomde Cooperstown over the years. 

Lama Tsering – May, 2017

Impermanence Meditation: The Path to Enlightenment Change is continuous. Day by day, one season slips into the next. Day turns ...
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Chagdud Khadro – August, 2016

Looking into the Mirror of Death to Find Purpose in Life and Peace in Dying Chagdud Khadro August 19-21, 2016 ...
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Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche – Sept, 2016

An Integrated Week of Teachings and Practice: Mahāmudrā and 9 Yānas Retreat and Empowerments For the first time, Kyabgön Phakchok ...
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Erric Solomon – July, 2016

Radical Happiness: Transforming Your Life by Transforming Your Mind Meditation Retreat with Erric Solomon What is Radical Happiness? Everyone wants ...
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Tulku Migmar – August, 2016

Open to all practitioners in the Chokling Tersar Tradition. Retreat will be led by Tulku Migmar Tsering. Practice sessions will ...
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John Makransky – June, 2016

Embodying Wise Love in Relationships and Action: Sustainable Compassion Training June 4, 2016 John Makransky, PhD To be a healing ...
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