Mahāmudrā Teachings & Retreat with Phakchok Rinpoche – July 13th to 18th

Mahāmudrā instructions are renowned as being short, precise, and easy to practice. In this retreat, Phakchok Rinpoche will explain how to traverse the path from the outset of the four mind-changings up until essential Mahāmudrā , the peak of all of Buddha’s teachings. During the sessions, he will teach different meditation techniques, depending upon the student level.  He will also offer priceless pith instructions and different methods for overcoming various obstacles that can occur in one’s meditation practice. 

This retreat is a teaching and practice opportunity that is deeply beneficial both for beginners and also for more advanced practitioners.

Rinpoche suggests that all students prepare for this program by following Rinpoche’s online course on Samye Dharma in which he teaches the various stages of  śamatha or “calm abiding” meditation, with and without support. Ideally, it would be best to start practicing these teachings now in order to develop some practice experience and sincere questions prior to the retreat. This is also an excellent method for familiarizing yourself with Rinpoche’s direct and humorous teaching style. You can access the course at :

For New Retreatants: Rinpoche will lead participants who are participating in this retreat for the first time through the four mind-changings, the four foundations (or preliminary practices), and then through the detailed stages of  śamatha with and without focus, including natural state śamatha. Practicing these different techniques of meditation enables us to gain mastery over our minds and lays the necessary foundation for the ensuing practice of vipaśyanā, or insight meditation where we are introducted to the true nature of mind.
For Returning Retreatants: Students who have attended previous retreats or have had previous experience and gained some stability in śamatha practice, will receive more instruction in vipaśyanā meditation. Rinpoche will impart pith instructions and give advice on overcoming common obstacles to meditation practice. Returning students will spend longer periods in practice application during this retreat.

Program Details

The retreat starts on Friday July 13th at 4pm and ends on Wednesday 18th at lunch time. 

On Sunday July 15th, we will have a special event, as Gomde is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary. This celebration will be part of the retreat.


In an effort to make the Dharma available to all and welcome everyone to Gomde Cooperstown, we have worked hard to keep the retreat prices as low as is feasible. At the same time, we have to cover the costs of programs. 

For 2018 retreats, we will keep a sliding scale with 4 levels of prices. We ask you to review your contribution carefully. For more information about pricing and financial aid, please click here.