Nine Yanas – Registration for Shravakayana

In an effort to make the Dharma available to all and welcome everyone to Gomde Cooperstown, we have worked hard to keep the retreat prices as low as is feasible. At the same time, we have to cover the costs of programs.

For 2017 retreats, instead of raising prices across the board, we have created a sliding scale with 4 levels of prices. We ask you to review your contribution carefully.

If you believe you can pay more than the base price, please consider paying the sustaining or benefactor fee. This act of generosity will allow people in financial need to also attend. This is a wonderful way to help spread the Dharma. Any amount paid above the base fee is a tax deductible donation.

If you consider the base price to be unaffordable ,and you are unable to perform any work for programs, please apply for a scholarship. We ask that you send a written request stating your current financial situation and giving your reasons for wishing to attend the retreat. Scholarship applications must be received by June 15 and you will be informed of the decision by July 1.

If you are physically able, we strongly encourage you to apply for our work study program. Traditionally, work-study students have contributed greatly to our ability to run programs successfully. Each day you will be expected to work for 4 hours and we will ask you to arrive 2 days prior to the beginning of the program and/or stay 2 days after. Some of the work study jobs require physical work, but we also offer opportunities to contribute for those who may have physical limitations. Work-study applications must be received by June 15 and you will be informed of the decision by July 1. Please send us an email to [email protected] to apply for a scholarship or for the work-study program.

Our wish is that anyone with genuine interest in dharma can attend the teachings; financial issues should not be a reason for not being able to participate in a program at Gomde Cooperstown.

For registrations, please complete the form below: